Solar Panels Now Operating

The Denman Hall solar panels are now up on the roof and operational. To see how much sun-energy is being produced go to our page on the GapEnergy website.

The Denman Island Community Hall solar energy project was a community-funded installation of 50 solar panels on the roof of the hall. Most of the work was done by local residents who had taken a workshop given by Dave Nead of GabEnergy. The panels were connected into BC Hydro’s net metering system by Andrew Scott Sharrock of Island Electric, Ltd.

DIRCS General Meeting – Agenda June 6th, 2016


DIRCS General Meeting Agenda

June 6th, 2016


Call to order at pm. Minutes:

(1 hr limit)

General Meeting

Minutes of March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd, 201

Minutes Available at

Adoption of the Agenda



  • Treasurers Report

  • Presidents Report

Committee Reports

Continuing Business

  • May Hall Clean Up

  • Solar Project

  • Entertainment Committee

    • Community Call-out

    • Day in the Field

New Business

  • Readers & Writers Festival


Next Public Meeting: ??th, 2016

DIRCS General Meeting – Minutes April 4, 2016


DIRCS Annual General Meeting, Part 2, April 4, 2016

Present: Ansa Matthews (presiding), Suzette Cullen (treasurer), Stirling Fraser (member), Boyd Mackean, Bev Hollingsworth, Bethany Ireland, Renee Robichaux, Satya Bellerose, Frieda Werden (note taker)

Call to order 7:06 pm

Minutes for December and February have been released online. Approval of Minutes for Tuesday March 16 moved by Ansa, seconded by Suzette, unanimous.

Approval of agenda moved by Ansa, seconded by Bethany, unanimous.

Treasurer’s year-end statement and written treasurer’s report distributed.

Q Stirling: What was the Credit Union loan taken out for? A Boyd: $50,000 for the foundation, now paid down to $29,000. Q Stirling: Why don’t we just pay ouff the loan if we have $29,000? A Suzette: Operating costs. We have 1-1/2 quarterly payments left. Boyd: the debt is now down to $1,700.

Q Boyd: Why no GST rebate collected this year? A Suzette: Will ask Paddy (bookkeeper)

Approval of report moved by Ansa, seconded by Renee. Unanimous.

Elections: 2 at-large positions open. Bethany nominated by Renee, Renee nominated by Bethany. Both seconded by Satya. Renee elected by acclamation. Stirling, who was coopted as a member by the board at previous meeting (because he had not been a member for 3 months), approved by those assembled by acclamation. Bethany has not been a member for three months, so she will be appointed by the Board.

Ansa moves to adjourn, seconded by Satya. Unanimous. Adjourned 7:20 pm.


General meeting then called to order by Ana at 7:21. Present: same as above.

Solar project update by Satya. The solar panels will be stored at Arts Denman. So far the project has paid out $9,700; about $3,500 in the DIRCS account is funds raised and earmarked for solar panels; still to raise, about $8,000. Solar project approaching Bullfrog and Denman Works for funds for installation.

Stacy has been given a down payment of $3,000 on the necessary roof repair by DIRCS and will start in April. Out of 3 bids, Stacy’s bid for $12,000 was accepted because he is local and his bid included more stuff. [Roof maintenance being paid by DIRCS not out of solar project funds]

Q: What about installing the panels on the ground, as at David Scruton’s? A Satya: The committee considered non-roof options: Too hard to secure, this is a public building. Repair access rarely needed.

Boyd: End of this month DIRCS will owe only $200 to Credit Union.

Motion to borrow $12,000 from Union Bay Credit Union for roof maintenance, moved by Frieda, seconded by Ansa. Unanimous.

New Business

Denman Works representative was not present, so that item was skipped.

Bethany seeks DIRCS sponsorship for A ROCKalypse, a musical theatre project with 16 Denman performers. Bethany moves and Renee seconds a motion that DIRCS sponsor A ROCKalypse and will accept $380 from the A ROCKalypse project for the hall rental and 7 rehearsals. Dates are already booked.

Ansa moves to adjourn. Adjourned 7:50 pm.