GM Agenda – April 10th, 2015


DIRCS General Meeting – Agenda
April 10
, 2015

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of March 2nd, 2015

Treasurers Report(Suzette)

  • Paddy’s copy of AGM Treasury Report

Project Hold(Ansa)


Check Signatories

New Board Member (Sheila)

Water Testing (Bob)

Flagstone Donation

Constitution (Ansa)

Sound System (Eli)


Employee Contracts & Positions

  • Custodian – Review for August

  • Booking Agent – Revisit the system for booking

  • Book Keeper – More access and involvement

Staff Liaison

Ban & Amends Policy


  • May Clean Up – Plan hall clean-up day in May

  • Blackberry Fair – Blackberry Fair Fundraising Coordinator

New Business

  • Hall Walkthrough


Next meeting to be held in May

Minutes of AGM March 2, 2015

Present:  Bev Hollingsworth, Angela Robinson, Tim Jeffrey, Robert Newton, Sharon Clarke, Bill Engleson, Riane Da Silva, Thomas Soucy, David Lang, Roxanne Cowles-MacPhail, Ansa Matthews, Kathy Rieder, Frieda Warden, Suzette Cullen, Sheila Nopper, Ron Sakolsky, Dave MacPhail, Eli Hason, Perri Gorrara, Sharon Mackin, Boyd MacKean, Bob Koontz

Minutes:  Bob Koontz

  1.   Agenda for the March 2, 2015 AGM  Bill MOVED that the Agenda be amended to include member input after the President’s Report, SECONDED by Bob. CARRIED.  Agenda approved.

2.   Approval of the Minutes of the March 3, 2014 AGM

Sharon M. MOVED that the Minutes of the March 3, 2014 AGM be approved as read, SECONDED by Kathy.  CARRIED

3.   Treasurer’s Report (Boyd)

Boyd reported a bank balance of $14,076, and a loan balance of $7,701.  Boyd also provided a detailed summary of expenses & income from 2012 to 2014. (hard copy available in Library).  Bill MOVED that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted, SECONDED by Kathy.  CARRIED

4.   President’s Report (Sharon Mackin)

New policies adapted by the Board:

  • Hall technician must be hired if Hall sound/light equipment is used
  • Equipment inventory for sound/lighting nearly completed
  • Security is now required for ‘all-ages’ dances to ensure no drinking is permitted
  • Criteria for reduced rates for Hall rentals now posted on Hall website
  • Material upgrades:  gazebo roof replaced; wheelchair-accessible toilet in women’s; new gates to field; perimeter drains; septic field scoped
  • On-Line booking calendar created
  • New Year’s dance a success, and was economically profitable
  • Eli Hason appointed to the Board
  • Kitchen renovation initiated

Bill MOVED that the President’s Report be accepted, SECONDED by Eli.  CARRIED

5.  Resolutions (Sharon Mackin)

Sharon proposed the following resolutions:

Resolution I: That article 2.2 (f) be amended to read “Nominees for election to the Board must be in good standing for a period not less than 3 months prior to the nomination.”

Sharon M. MOVED that Resolution I be accepted, SECONDED by Riane.  CARRIED

Resolution II: “That, for the 2015 AGM only, the last part of article 2.2 (a) “… but if a retiring Director is not replaced by a successor, that Director may continue to hold office for the coming year.” be changed to “…and even if a retiring Director is not replaced by a successor, that Director may not continue to hold office.  However, s/he may be invited to return by the newly elected Directors at their first official Board meeting.”

Sharon M. MOVED that Resolution II be accepted, SECONDED by Ansa.  CARRIED

6.  Election to the Executive

Roxanne Cowles-MacPhail was NOMINATED for President by Bev Hollingsworth

Ansa Matthews was NOMINATED for Vice President by Perri Gorrara

Riane Da Silva was NOMINATED for Secretary by Bev Hollingsworth

Suzette Cullen was NOMINATED for Treasurer by Bev Hollingsworth

The above were elected by acclamation.

Eli Hason, Perri Gorrara, and Tim Jeffrey were elected by acclamation to the DIRCS Board as members at large.

Sharon Mackin MOVED that the Meeting be adjourned, SECONDED  by Bill Engleson. CARRIED

Meeting adjourned at 8:45