DIRCS General Meeting – Minutes May 24, 2017



Robert Foxx, Deneen Baldwin, Suzette Cullen, Board Member, Kathy Rieder, and Lyndsey Jennings, staff.

We have contracted with Abell Pest Service for monthly inspections until further notice.

We had wanted to take out the upstairs in the back hall, but that project will be put on hold until we can make sure that we can keep the structural integrity intact.

Re the stage floor support for the piano, Kathy is taking on that project, but no time limit was ‘agreed to.

Ron Dobie needs to be paid for his lawn mowing.  This is a new contract position for the summer musings.

We agreed that any alcohol events need to provide proof of event insurance, liquor license and arrangements for the events security before the reservations will be secured.  We appointed Eli to be the contact between the hall and the event organizers.

Roz Klein has requested and we gladly agreed to have her be the point person for organizing the blackberry faire.  So far we have the carmen miranda trio organizing the parade, and the garden club organizing the fall fair produce and flower judging.

June 24th will be the Hall clean up day this year, with Kathy Rieder organizing the day.  

We did not set a meeting date for June.

We adjourned at 8:00pm.

Submitted by Suzette Cullen

DIRCS General Meeting – Minutes April 19, 2017


April 19th 2017 DIRCS general meeting and board meeting

Attendance, Mike Lindsay, Suzette Cullen, Stirling Fraser, Robert Foxx, Adam Percy, and Lyndsey Jennings.

Mike Lindsay gave a maintenance up date:  Smoke alarm, in back hall due to a balloon from a children’s party had fallen into the space heater.

Pump has been replaced in one of the main cisterns.

Lights donated by Creative Threads, have been installed above the stage area, by Kathy Reider, and Mike Lindsay.

Janitors report submitted by Kathy Reider: brought up need to mow grass soon, and to infill ruts in the lawn area.  Kathy will be asked when she planning on holding the yearly hall clean up. Robert Foxx will ask Ron Dobbie if he is willing to take over the mowing to DIRCS property when he does the school mowing contract.  

Fence: Stirling Fraser saw to the fence between DIRCS and Don Candy’s property being installed.

Booking:  Lyndsey gave report re booking for the summer.

We will begin asking a deposit of $200.00 for alcohol related events.

We will be looking to have a cleaning registry of at least three people for events ;that require ore than a sweep up to be ready for other events.

Stirling Fraser will place ad for DIRCS capital project this year in the Grapevine.

The Carmen Mirandas will take on the organizing for the Blackberry parade this fall.

Next Meeting will be May 17th 7:00pm back hall.

Meeting adjourned 8:15pm

Minutes submitted by Suzette Cullen

Solar Panels Now Operating

The Denman Hall solar panels are now up on the roof and operational. To see how much sun-energy is being produced go to our page on the GapEnergy website.

The Denman Island Community Hall solar energy project was a community-funded installation of 50 solar panels on the roof of the hall. Most of the work was done by local residents who had taken a workshop given by Dave Nead of GabEnergy. The panels were connected into BC Hydro’s net metering system by Andrew Scott Sharrock of Island Electric, Ltd.