GM Agenda – June 1st, 2015


DIRCS General Meeting – Agenda
June 1
st, 2015

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of May 4th, 2015

Treasurers Report

Janitors Report

Events Committe Report

  • New Year Dance

    • Concerts Denman

  • Halloween

    • Sound Sytem Fundraiser

Rental Agreement


  • Front Hall

  • Dishwasher

  • Repairs

Sustainability Festival June

  • DIRCS Table

Playground Fundraiser – July

Flagstone Deadline – June 18th

New Business

  • Secretary


Next meeting to be held ??

DIRCS General Meeting – Minutes May 4th, 2015


DIRCS General Meeting – minutes – May 4th, 2015

Call to order 7:05 minutes: Riane da Silva

Present : Suzette, Tim Jeffrey, Rafa Martinez, Boyd McKeen, Sheila Nopper, Marlee Munro, Keelan Gamble, Kathy Reider, Perri Gorrora, Ansa Matthews, Riane da Silva, Danni Crenna

Approval of the Agenda– passed

Approval of the Minutes of April 10th, 2015

  • amend minutes for sound system amount = $1600.00

  • remove Paddy O’Connel

approved as amended – passed

New Board Member

Motion: To appoint Keelan Gamble to board of DIRCS

Ansa/Tim – passed

Welcome Keelan!

Treasurer’s Report

Balance sheet attached (hard copy in folder)

Motion: To accept Treasurer’s report

Kathy/Ansa – passed

Janitors Report

  • fence – estimate of $5000

  • septic – Kathy will ask Steve Caballiera to donate his services of overseeing. Mike Lindsay may be interested in doing the work. Perhaps Louis could do the digging

Motion: Kathy tasked with contacting the above people to arrange the septic work; up to a maximum of $700.00

Suzette/Tim – passed

  • maintenance budget

  • propane – linked to the fence question. Kathy will seek

Motion to approve Kathy seeking a quote from a surveyor to find the property lines between hall and Don Candy’s property

Ansa/Sheila – passed

CVRD Meeting with Wendy Byrne

report was made by Riane and Suzette

Bans & Amends Committee Report

Sheila made a report

The board will follow up on this discussion at the next board meeting

Kitchen Committee Report

  • Committee Report – by Suzette

  • Financial

  • Inspection – Kathy will contact Bart about inspecting the kitchen floor, joists, foundation

Motion: Inspection of structure of kitchen foundation to be carried out by Kathy and Bart then presented to board for board approval. If the board is satisfied with the report, the board can approve the purchase of dishwasher and hand washing sink and installation.

Sheila/Bev – passed

Sound System

  • motion to approve funding for basic upgrade –

Motion: To approve a maximum spend of $3000.00 to be spent on the previously identified speakers and sub-woofer.

Sheila/Riane – passed

  • Strike a Tech Committee – tabled until Eli is present to speak to this

May Clean Up 10am-2pm

Janitor will draw up a list of what needs doing

Bring rakes, gloves, shovels, buckets

Bev will bring juice

Sheila Nopper will bring veggie chilli

Tim will contact Tracy Horovatin about providing meat chilli

New Business

  • Sustainability Festival – reduced rent request for festival running from 20th-28th June

includes Transition Fair – DIRCS may want to have a table promoting what we do and what we need in terms of community volunteers

Motion: To reduce rent for Sustainability Festival to $100 for Front Hall, $30 for Back Hall, per event.

Riane/Bev – passed

  • Preschool Playground, Dog pickup bags

How to provide bags? Kathy will look into this.

  • Rent Reduction – Lets Talk Travel

Request denied

  • Hall Walk through – schedule

Before next board meeting

  • New Years Dance

Can we meet with Robert about the NY Dance? Sheila will invite him to next board meeting.

Motion: To strike an Entertainment committee to look at booking and planning this year’s Hallowe’en and New Years events.

Ansa/Bev – passed

Members – Keelan, Tim, Robert? Eli? Rox?

Motion to Adjourn 9:21 pm

Ansa/Rafa – passed

Next meeting to be held Monday June 1, 7pm


DIRCS General Meeting – Agenda
May 4
th, 2015

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of April 10th, 2015

  • Motion to amend minutes from last gm for sound system

New Board Member (Keilan)

Treasurers Report

Janitors Report

  • maintenance budget, fence, propane, septic

Bans & Amends Committee Report


  • Committee Report

  • Financial

  • Inspection

Sound System

  • motion to approve funding for basic upgrade

  • Strike a Tech Committee

May Clean Up

New Business

  • Preschool Playground, Dog pickup bags

  • Rent Reduction – Lets Talk Travel

  • Hall Walkthrough – schedule


Next meeting to be held Monday June ??, 7pm