Board & AGM Meetings and Minutes

Board meetings are held monthly at the Hall. Check the Hall Schedule on this website for the date/time. The public is welcome to attend the public part of the meeting. Monthly meeting minutes are available upon request.

The Annual General Meeting is held each year in March. The most current AGM was held on March 14, 2018 and the following files were presented:

Monthly meeting minutes are available upon request and are available in hardcopy at the Dora Drinkwater Library.

A copy of the Constitution and By Laws are available upon request.

Current board members:

  • Stirling Fraser, President & Treasurer
  • Robert Fox, Vice President
  • deNeen Baldwin, Secretary
  • Eli Hason
  • Robert Newton
  • Roxanne Cowes-Mcphail
  • Yogev (Yogi) Dascalu
  • Fiona Lindsay
  • Suzette Cullen
  • Sharon Walberg

Bookkeeper & Booking Agent: Lyndsey Jennings

Janitor: Renee Robichaud


Solar Panels Now Operating

The Denman Hall solar panels are now up on the roof and operational. To see how much sun-energy is being produced go to our page on the GapEnergy website.

The Denman Island Community Hall solar energy project was a community-funded installation of 50 solar panels on the roof of the hall. Most of the work was done by local residents who had taken a workshop given by Dave Nead of GabEnergy. The panels were connected into BC Hydro’s net metering system by Andrew Scott Sharrock of Island Electric, Ltd.

DIRCS General and Board Meeting – Minutes August 2017


August 2017 DIRCS General and Board Meeting Minutes

Attending: Stirling Fraser, Robert Foxx, Suzette Cullen, deNeen Baldwin, Michael Lindsay

Before the meeting we had a presentation by Peter Marshall and Kevin Behrens and explained to the membership present the history and our current relationship with the sports field and our cisterns.  Thanks you to both for your information it was much appreciated.

Renee Roubichauld has been hired to replace Kathy Reider as our janitor.

Listed here are the boards agreements with each other at this meeting: When one of us emails another we will cc to all members.

Suzette will ask Michael Rapati to submit an interim account for the windows to be forwarded to CVRD.

DIRCS will not be involved in handing an auction of donated/prize winning at the Food Faire judging that the Garden Club is sponsoring and organizing.  Suzette will act as the boards’ representative to the garden club.

Stirling will inquire as too Bev Hollingsworth generous yard sale funds.

Eli will be asked to get more info re electric car charging station, and we will present Denman Islands charente with the question of where the best location for placement might be, the hall, the activity centre etc.

DIRCS meeting will be held the second Wednesday of the month, the next meeting will be September 13, 2017

Michael Lindsay will get prices and make order on better quality pump filters.

Mike Lindsay will order covers for the new stage lights.

Mike Lindsay will buy and install new LED bulbs for the wall scones.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm