DIRCS General Meeting Minutes
August 31st, 2015

Present: Roxanne McPhail, Ansa Matthews, Eli Hason, Suzette Cullen, Sheila Nopper, Tim Jeffrey, Bev Hollingsworth, Boyd Mackean, Edward Kruk

Call to order 7:08, Minutes: Edward Kruk

1. Approval of the Agenda

MOVED, by Ansa Matthews, SECONDED Eli Hason, that the Agenda of the August 31, 2015 meeting be approved. CARRIED.

2. Approval of the Minutes of June 1stth, 2015

Deferred until next meeting.

3. Board Appointment of New Secretary

MOVED, by Ansa Matthews, SECONDED Tim Jeffrey, to appoint Edward KRUK to the DIRCS Board in the capacity of interim Secretary. CARRIED.

4. Treasurer’s Report (Suzette Cullen)

There is currently $4,238 in the bank. CVRD reimbursement submission for hall work completed will be made this week.

MOVED, by Suzette Cullen, SECONDED Tim Jeffrey, that the Five Year Budget Projection for capital projects to be submitted to the CVRD be approved. CARRIED.

MOVED, by Roxanne McPhail, SECONDED Tim Jeffrey, that the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. CARRIED.

5. Janitor’s Report

Deferred until next General Meeting.

6. Committee Reports

Deferred until next General Meeting.

7. Events Committee Report

  • New Year Dance: Blackberry Wood has been booked to perform. Arts Denman will provide funding assistance for this event.
  • Halloween Dance
    • The Halloween Dance will be sound system fundraiser, to take place on October 30 as an adult-only event.
    • The event will consist of a Halloween Cabaret, followed by DJ Eliazar providing dance music entertainment.
    • The Kids’ Halloween will take place on October 31. DIRCS will oversee the Haunted House and assis the fireworks display, Eli with the Fire Department.

8. Sound System (Eli Hason)

Eli presented a proposed budget for replacing the hall’s dated sound system, with a detailed breakdown of costs for all new equipment, with a total estimate in the amount of $22,310. Eli will obtain a detailed pricing breakdown from Long & McQuade in this regard, as well as investigating installation costs, consulting with Mike Lindsay in this regard.

9. Hall Keys (Ansa Matthews)

A quote of $225 has been obtained for the rekeying of six hall doors, which includes installation. If we do the installation ourselves that cost is reduced to $90. Ansa will investigate the possibility of finding someone locally to do the latter. Additional costs for replacing the cylinder for the front and back hall doors will also have to be factored in. Ansa will talk with Mike Lindsay in regard to the possibility of his doing the work. Decision to be taken at the next General meeting in regard to hall keys.

10. Kitchen

  • Re-construction: A new foundation for the kitchen floor, two new stoves (one gas and one electric) and fridge replacement are needed. Quotes for the kitchen floor foundation reconstruction have been obtained, one at $4,271 and the other at $2,623. The latter quote, from Michael Rapati, includes a donation of free labour. MOVED by Roxanne McPhail, SECONDED Tim Jeffrey, that the Rapati bid be accepted. CARRIED. Roxanne will follow up with Michael Rapati.
  • Supplies from Kaffe Klatch: Ansa will follow up with the previously-approved decision to proceed with purchase of fridge and steel countertop.

11. Blackberry Fair

Discussion ensued in regard to recruiting volunteers for various tasks related to the fair, and duties were assigned among board members. Bev Hollingsworth will be responsible for collecting fees from booths at the fair.

12. Dog Bag System

A dog bag system will be installed outside the hall. Roxanne will take responsibility for signage.

13. New Business

  • Hall Rental Reduction Requests
    • Kai Gleusteen Music Festival: from $610 to $450 for week-long rental. Colgy film event: from $100 to $50. MOVED by Roxanne McPhail, SECONDED Eli Hason, that these two requests be granted. CARRIED.
    • Discussion in regard to a recent kitchen rental in which over four hours of cleanup were required by the hall janitor. It was agreed that Suzette would follow up with correspondence regarding recovery of costs for the cleanup from the renters. She will also discuss with them the additional cost of back hall rental as it was used in addition to the kitchen.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45 pm.


DIRCS General Meeting – Agenda
August 31
st, 2015

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of June 1stth, 2015

Board Appointment of new Secretary – Edward

  • Motion: To appoint Edward Gamble to board of DIRCS

Treasurers Report

Janitors Report

Committee Reports

Events Committe Report

  • New Year Dance

  • Halloween

    • Sound System Fundraiser

    • Halloween Cabaret, October 30th

    • Kids Halloween, October 31st\

Sound System – Eli

Hall Keys – Ansa


  • Re-construction

  • Supplies from Kaffe Klatch


Dog Bag System

New Business

  • Rental Reduction Requests

    • Kai Gleusteen Music Festival

    • Keelan Band Fundraiser

    • Colby – Going Further

  • Rental Agreement – hall rental use


Next meeting to be held, October 1st?

Board meeting to be held, September 21st?

Flagstone Deadline Sept 18th.

GM Agenda – June 1st, 2015


DIRCS General Meeting – Agenda
June 1
st, 2015

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of May 4th, 2015

Treasurers Report

Janitors Report

Events Committe Report

  • New Year Dance

    • Concerts Denman

  • Halloween

    • Sound Sytem Fundraiser

Rental Agreement


  • Front Hall

  • Dishwasher

  • Repairs

Sustainability Festival June

  • DIRCS Table

Playground Fundraiser – July

Flagstone Deadline – June 18th

New Business

  • Secretary


Next meeting to be held ??