DIRCS General and Board Meeting -Minutes August 2017


August 2017 DIRCS General and Board Meeting Minutes


Stirling Fraser, Robert Foxx, Suzette Cullen, deNeen Baldwin, Michael Lindsay

Before the meeting we had a presentation by Peter Marshall and Kevin Behrens and explained to the membership present the history and our current relationship with the sports field and our cisterns.  Thanks you to both for your information it was much appreciated.

Renee Roubichauld has been hired to replace Kathy Reider as our janitor.

Listed below are the boards agreements with each other at this meeting

When one of us emails another we will cc to all members.

Suzette will ask Michael Rapati to submit an interim account for the windows to be forwarded to CVRD.

DIRCS will not be involved in handing an auction of donated/prize winning at the Food Faire judging that the Garden Club is sponsoring and organizing.  Suzette will act as the boards’ representative to the garden club.

Stirling will inquire as too Bev Hollingsworth generous yard sale funds.

Eli will be asked to get more info re electric car charging station, and we will present Denman Islands charente with the question of where the best location for placement might be, the hall, the activity centre etc.

DIRCS meeting will be held the second Wednesday of the month, the next meeting will be September 13, 2017

Michael Lindsay will get prices and make order on better quality pump filters.

Mike Lindsay will order covers for the new stage lights.

Mike Lindsay will buy and install new LED bulbs for the wall scones.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:30pm


DIRCS General and Board Meeting – Minutes July 4th 2017



Stirling Fraser, Robert Foxx, Deneen Baldwin, Suzette Cullen, Robert Newton, Roxanne Cowles-MacPhail , Renee Roubichaud, Adam Percy, Eli Hason, Lyndsey Jennings. All either board memo era or staff.  No one from the general public attended.

Meeting Called to order 7:00 pm

Janitors Report was covered by Stirling

We discussed VIHA and water sample.  We agreed to ask Mike Lindsay to see that the filter is changed every three months.  And that a general inspection take place at that time as well.

Lyndsey and Eli, will look into BC Hydro and our very low refund from the solar panels.

Stirling will look into purchasing a steel rat proof garbage bin.

The stage joist discussed earlier in the year will continue to be looked into but we determined there is no rush.

Ron Dobi is now mowing the grass and trimming around the building and concrete pad.

We will be asking Mike Lindsay to look after maintenance for the time being.

We have approximately 3500 dollars in the bank with another 500 coming from CVRD with the next week.

Concerning bookings we are approaching full booking for the summer.

We had a request from a  youth group for a reduction in rent and we agreed to a 30% reduction.  This is in keeping with our policy to handle request for reduction in rental fees on a case by case basis.

We discussed DIRCS event for the rest of the year.

Blackberry Faire

is moving along, with Roz Klein organizing the tables, the garden club organizing the food and flower judging, Kathy is on the pies, Margaret Fraser leading the parade, and the regular DCA, and fun run are on board as well.


Eli and Robert N. are organizing another arts Denman extravaganza for Halloween.  Deneen will talk to the Activity Centre board about sharing the pies on bonfire night.  Roxanne will see to the poster and signal for both events.  We will put ad in GV for early octorbrt, and we will write article for flagstone.


DIRCS will donate the hall to both the meat dinner and the vegan dinner. At this time that will be the extent of our contribution to the xmas dinners.

New Years eve

Our entertainment committee will be meeting to finalize details for the dance.

Stirling informed the board that Kathy has decided to retire as the hall janitor this summer.  The Board noted her years of service and hard work and thanks her for her effort.  She will be hard to replace.

We have formed a committee to restructure the terms of our janitor/maintenance contract.  Stirling Suzette, Roxanne, Deneen and Fox will meet July 11th 7pm at the back hall. We will try and have an ad in the GV by next weekend.

Suzette will write an article for the September Flagstone keeping the island up to date with their Community Hall.

Eli had a couple of items for the agenda

1.   We will be having a workshop for those who would like to learn how to operate our new digital sound board.

2.  He will be looking into obtaining for the hall Denman Island’s first public car charging station.

Lastly we discussed the piano room.  Robert Newton is writing a grant, if the grant falls through we will consider including the piano room in our 2018 capital project budget.

Meting adjourned at 8:30

Next meeting will be August 15 at 7pm at Suzette’s house.  (the hall is booked for the date.)

DIRCS General Meeting – Minutes May 24, 2017



Robert Foxx, Deneen Baldwin, Suzette Cullen, Board Member, Kathy Rieder, and Lyndsey Jennings, staff.

We have contracted with Abell Pest Service for monthly inspections until further notice.

We had wanted to take out the upstairs in the back hall, but that project will be put on hold until we can make sure that we can keep the structural integrity intact.

Re the stage floor support for the piano, Kathy is taking on that project, but no time limit was ‘agreed to.

Ron Dobie needs to be paid for his lawn mowing.  This is a new contract position for the summer musings.

We agreed that any alcohol events need to provide proof of event insurance, liquor license and arrangements for the events security before the reservations will be secured.  We appointed Eli to be the contact between the hall and the event organizers.

Roz Klein has requested and we gladly agreed to have her be the point person for organizing the blackberry faire.  So far we have the carmen miranda trio organizing the parade, and the garden club organizing the fall fair produce and flower judging.

June 24th will be the Hall clean up day this year, with Kathy Rieder organizing the day.  

We did not set a meeting date for June.

We adjourned at 8:00pm.

Submitted by Suzette Cullen