DIRCS General Meeting – Agenda
May 4
th, 2015

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of April 10th, 2015

  • Motion to amend minutes from last gm for sound system

New Board Member (Keilan)

Treasurers Report

Janitors Report

  • maintenance budget, fence, propane, septic

Bans & Amends Committee Report


  • Committee Report

  • Financial

  • Inspection

Sound System

  • motion to approve funding for basic upgrade

  • Strike a Tech Committee

May Clean Up

New Business

  • Preschool Playground, Dog pickup bags

  • Rent Reduction – Lets Talk Travel

  • Hall Walkthrough – schedule


Next meeting to be held Monday June ??, 7pm

DIRCS General Meeting – Minutes April 10th, 2015


DIRCS General Meeting – Minutes
April 10
th, 2015

Minutes: Riane da Silva

Present: Ansa Matthews, Perri Gorrora, Sheila Nopper, Boyd McKeen, Rafa Martinez-Matte, Tim Jeffrey, Laurie Montemurro, Gloria Mitchin, Bev Hollingsworth, Edward Kruk, Mike Lindsay, Kathy Reider, Paddy O’Connell, Suzette, Cullen, Roxanne Cowles-McPhail, Riane da Silva

Call to order 7:05pm

Approval of the Agenda

Moved by Tim; 2nd Sheila – approved with changes

Approval of the Minutes of March 2nd AGM 2015

Moved by Perri; 2nd Suzette – approved

Treasurers Report

A big Thank You to the previous board and treasurer for leaving bank account and hall in such great shape.

Accountant Paddy O’Connell) made a report about the first 3 months January 1-March 31 of 2015.

Total revenue 7,045.97

Total expenses 8,614.22

Bank balance 10,337.19

Total current assets 11,751.30

Loan (Line of credit) outstanding 6,522.25

Playground fund 725.00

2nd Insurance payment due mid-May for $2,883.00

Motion to accept treasurers report

Roxanne; Perri – passed

Janitors Report

  • Concern about fence between hall and Don Candy’s house. Proper boundaries found where?

  • Propane tank needs to be propped up and set back down on concrete.

  • Cottonwood rounds need to be removed along Don Candy’s property line- Roxanne will take at house. Perri volunteered Louis and his tractor to lift them into a truck.

  • Kathy would like an upright hoover vacuum; discussion about new/good shop-vac vs upright

  • septic field – camera put thru last year. reports only one clog.

Motion for Kathy to follow up with getting a quote from Garth Millan

Perri; Tim – passed

Kathy will get bring a report to next General meeting with numbers and more details of above topics

Project Hold

Motion: all Hall Projects are on hold until individually reviewed by the board,

Ansa; Rox – passed


Motion: Ansa will investigate the cost of changing the lock on all hall doors.

Ansa; Perri – passed

Suggestions from the floor – re-keying the tumbler; get keys with “do not copy” stamped in them; cost out electronic button keys

Check Signatories

Motion: To remove counter-signors Boyd McKeen & Bob Koontz.

Ansa; Roxanne – passed

Motion: To ad counter-signors Suzette Cullen, Roxanne Cowles-McPhail, and keep Paddy O’Connell. Any two may sign.

Ansa; Suzette – passed

New Board Members

Motion: To appoint Sheila Nopper to board of DIRCS

Riane; Roxanne – passed

Keelan Gamble will attend next GM to be appointed to board

Water Testing

Bob Koontz has agreed to continue to do the water testing for the hall. Thank you Bob!

Flagstone Donation

Motion: As per tradition – to donate $100 to Flagstone, and $100 to Grapevine for the past year’s worth of inclusions in these publications

Ansa; Roxanne – passed


Riane has passed along to Paddy a request for updated full constitution from Victoria. Ansa will then use this to try and make sense of the Constitution

Gloria will meet and discuss with Ansa, regarding the process for Constitution

Sound System

Executive will meet with Eli to discuss buying new speakers.


Perri spoke with Dave Cherry (Health inspector) 3 sinks + separate hand washing sink are necessary

Is our septic system adequate for a commercial kitchen?

Motion: to strike a Kitchen Committee

Riane:Tim – passed

Committee members Kathy, Suzette, Perri, Eli (?perhaps?)

Employee Contracts & Positions – Deferred to next Executive Meeting.

Staff Liaison – Deferred to next Executive Meeting

Ban & Amends Policy

Motion: to strike a committee

Riane; Tim – passed

Committee members – Perri, Tim, Riane, Roxanne, Laurie, Sheila

Meeting to be held at Perri’s house on Monday April 27th at 7pm


  • May Clean Up – Hall clean-up day to be held May Saturday, May 9 – 10 – 2pm

Grapevine ad by – Ansa

Flagstone article by – Roxanne

Kathy will paint sign for big tree

Cooks – Paddy O’Connell, Tracy Horovatin, Sheila and Ron – Request to make Veggie and/or meat Chill and perhaps corn bread

  • Blackberry Fair – Bev Hollingsworth and Kathy Reider will be Blackberry Fair Fundraising Committee.

New Business

  • Hall Walk-through – deferred

  • Taking Flight – show on April 25

Motion: to rent the hall to Laurie Montemurro for rehearsals at rate of $10 per hour

Roxanne; Ansa – passed

RCMP has said no security is necessary since it is a performance, not a dance. Michael Rapatti will be present as a precaution. He would like to have a letter sent to Arts Denman about this.

Motion: Laurie will write and Roxanne will sign (on behalf of DIRCS) a letter to Arts Denman that DIRCS understands there will be no formal security for the Taking Flight event of April 25. DIRCS recognizes the special occasions license means the license holder is responsible for any liabilities, as per DIRCS rental policy.

Roxanne; Ansa – approved.

  • Stairs – discussion about post to go under stairs, added to Kitchen committee mandate

  • Next Board Meeting, April 20th 7pm; Executive meeting April 20th immediately following board meeting

  • July 1 weekend = playground fundraiser. Gather your stuff to donate to the garage sale.

Adjourn 8:48pm

Roxanne, Ansa – passed

Next General Meeting to be held on May 4, 2015 – 7 pm

GM Agenda – April 10th, 2015


DIRCS General Meeting – Agenda
April 10
, 2015

Approval of the Agenda

Approval of the Minutes of March 2nd, 2015

Treasurers Report(Suzette)

  • Paddy’s copy of AGM Treasury Report

Project Hold(Ansa)


Check Signatories

New Board Member (Sheila)

Water Testing (Bob)

Flagstone Donation

Constitution (Ansa)

Sound System (Eli)


Employee Contracts & Positions

  • Custodian – Review for August

  • Booking Agent – Revisit the system for booking

  • Book Keeper – More access and involvement

Staff Liaison

Ban & Amends Policy


  • May Clean Up – Plan hall clean-up day in May

  • Blackberry Fair – Blackberry Fair Fundraising Coordinator

New Business

  • Hall Walkthrough


Next meeting to be held in May