Surrounded by large and lovely grounds, we have a Main Hall and a Back Hall available for bookings. Each can be booked separately. For detailed information please read the Rental Agreement Form, check the calendar for available dates, and contact us to book a date and time for your event or activity. We look forward to hearing from you; send us your reservation using the on-line submission form below.

Remember, if you are planning an “All Ages Dance”, you will need security and insurance. Please complete the Event Security Form and return it as per the instructions.

Everyone in the community should be able use the Hall. Wherever possible, rental fees should not restrict its use. If you feel that you cannot rent the Hall because of the price, please feel free to attend a DIRCS meeting (check the calendar for the schedule) or to send a written statement to the meeting about why you feel you qualify for a rent reduction. The Board will then consider your case and let you know before your rental date.

Guidelines for a Reduced Rental Rate:

  • Availability of the Hall at that date and time (e.g. less for midweek)
  • Season of the event (Heat costs make winter bookings more expensive.)
  • Economic situation of the person or group renting
  • Whether or profit is expected
    (We may ask for additional rent if more profit is made than was expected.)
  • Value of the event to a large part of the community
  • Accessibility to the event because of the price of admission
    (The board may subsidize admission to keep prices low and allow more people to come.)
  • Number of performers (which may increase the cost of the event)
  • Distance the performers come from (which may increase the cost of the event to the renter)

These criteria are guidelines only—not a checklist or a formula, but, if after looking at these criteria, you feel you qualify for a reduction on your upcoming rental, please apply.

Blackberry Faire 2014

Blackberry Faire parade float 2014


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